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what we do

The Fat Bankers feature four days of fun beginning with the Funky Tucks Thursday Night Funkstication Jam (funk concert with nationally-known Funk band),processing into The Stately Procession, Le Fête de Banquiers Gras, and Le Monstre Funke Confiture on Friday, rolling on to the Krewe of Tucks Mardi Gras Parade and Extravaganza Krewe Brawl on Saturday, and limping somewhat into the Crawfish Boil & All Star Funk Powered Fat Groove Review on Sunday.

The Fat Bankers’ Mardi Gras activities are fun with a serious purpose:  Our activities substantially underwrite the operating costs of Grace at the Greenlight and the FunkyUncle.Live!, both of which support those in need locally and nationally.

The Fat Bankers’ Social Aid & Pleasure Club is an open, welcoming, ambidextrous, nondenominational, apolitical, unXeroxed, non-sectional, unhomogenized, unique, un-retreaded, contrarian,mainstream, fringe, immoderate, modestly modest, uncategorizable, freak-flag-flying group of funkateers that believe in the unifying power of music and the transcendency of Gniaule, Bière, Bourbon, Femmes, et Hommes.  We believe that you can have fun doing good and welcome those of like mind.

The Fat Bankers welcome new members!  If being a Child of Production and exploring the Funkentelechy as we move to The One of the Uncut Funk and proclaiming the Law of Supergroovalisticprositfunkstication sounds like a good way to order your life, well Ayyyyyyy Yahh and  Click here to sign up and Ride Us!

Fatly Yours,

The Lord High Chamberlain, The Duke of Bankrupt Casinos, King Tucks XXXI

The Lord High Treasurer, The Duke of Big Daddy, King Tucks LVIII

The Lord High Chancellor,

The Duke von die Spaziereg die Frankenstein, King Tucks XL

The Lord High Engineer, The Duke of Disappearing, King Tucks XLV


Care for the City that Care Forgot

Giving Back

The Fat Bankers Social Aid & Pleasure Club, LLC was conceived by several veteran Krewe of Tucks members in 2002 as a true New Orleans social aid and pleasure club—as an organization that would provide a great celebration to help and share our favorite city, the City that Care Forgot. They also conceived of the Fat Bankers Social Aid & Pleasure Club, LLC, as an organization that together, as a community, would create a float and sponsor events that no one single member could undertake on their own.

Moreover, in the classic history of New Orleans’ social aid and pleasure clubs, when not out to “sass the Man” or make Mardi Gras open to anyone who could endorse Funk as a member of the Krewe of Tucks, the Fat Bankers Social Aid & Pleasure Club, LLC is busy providing CARE for the City that Care Forgot.

annual Dues

Annual  Dues will be processed one time per year. 

monthly Dues

Monthly Payment Amount Dues will be pro-rated based on the number of months between that in which you join and Mardi Gras.


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