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The Fat Bankers support local non-profit, charitable organizations, that serve the people of New Orleans and the Nation.

grace at the greenlight

Grace at the Greenlight supports New Orleans’ homeless community by helping to provide for and restore, basic human needs: Food, water, community and human dignity. Grace operate the”I’m Going Home Program”, a first-of-its-kind program that provides homeless persons with cost-free social services, food, water, and transportation to reunite with loved ones in a permanent home. The “I’m Going Home Program” began in New Orleans and the need it served and its success in doing so spurred expansion to several major metropolitan areas across the nation. Grace’s aim is to expand the program still more so that the Nation’s homeless can enjoy the care of loved ones and the joy and dignity of a permanent home.

As of September 1st Grace at the Greenlight has provided 214,495 Meals, 1,016,000 Bottles of Water, Sent 2,547 Home and has distributed over 500 pieces of clothing.

As of September 1st FunkyUncle.Live has raised over $465,000.00 and has helped over 600 Musicians and Gig-Workers affected by COVID-19.

The Funky Uncle has broadcast livestream music shows every week since April 2021, raising money for musician, entertainer, and gig-worker Covid Relief. These broadcasts originate from the Funky Uncle Lounge, a one-of-a-kind mobile music-hall and Mardi Gras float with a state-of-the-art sound system.  Patterned on Soul Train and Midnight Special TV programs, they combine musician interviews, fundraising and outreach, and complete musical performances, broadcast on the website, Facebook Live, YouTube, and Twitch.  Funds raised through online donations and sales of paintings and giclées of the Funky Uncle Live performances, which the noted New Orleans artist, Frenchy, graciously donates after each show.  Those contributions finance The Funk Fund, which is provides necessary financial support for housing, medical, or other basic needs of musicians, entertainers, and gig-workers effected by COVID-19.


WGSO 990AM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community-radio station in New Orleans . WGSO offers local talk-show format programs with twenty hosts discussing topics such as politics, real estate, culture, entertainment, sports, local dining, spirits, and wine.

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Annual  Dues will be processed one time per year. 

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Monthly Payment Amount Dues will be pro-rated based on the number of months between that in which you join and Mardi Gras.


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