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The Fat Bankers’ Social Aid and Pleasure Club, L.L.C. (“Fat Bankers’ Social Aid & Pleasure Club”), has a long and auspicious history that began centuries ago in the (very, very) late Twentieth Century. It is Tucks Seal the most prominent of all Mardi Gras organizations, save the Krewe of Tucks (of which it is a sub-group), due to its cultivation of the most sophisticated elements of American culture, and its unbreakable and loyal alliance with the Krewe of Tucks. And it is the sole organization sceptered to issue The Royal Writ of  Supergroovalisticprositfunkstication, the glorious and inspired Royal Mandate bestowing upon those situate in the Crescent City during Vendredi de Banquier Gras perquisites heretofore unavailable to the common man and creating an Elysian Fields on Earth.

So, then, begins the Tale of the Fat Bankers’ Social Aid & Pleasure Club:
The Origins
Such an illustrious present for the Fat Bankers’ Social Aid & Pleasure Club is difficult to deduce from the organization’s modest beginning. Many condemn the admissions officers of the Tulane University School of Law for that beginning because it was they who created the critical mass that would become the Fat Bankers. Those admissions Tulane Law Schoolofficers are routinely upbraided for the remarkable lack of perspicacity that they demonstrated by admitting these well-known wags to the University when even an unreasonable man would have known that they would perpetrate the same buffoonery upon New Orleans that they had reigned across the Eastern Seaboard and Gulf of Mexico. (The upbraiding is most frequent following Mardi Gras as the Crescent City’s dutiful sanitation engineers remove the Krewe of Tucks toilet paper from the majestic live oaks lining St. Charles Avenue.)

annual Dues

Annual  Dues will be processed one time per year. 

monthly Dues

Monthly Payment Amount Dues will be pro-rated based on the number of months between that in which you join and Mardi Gras.


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