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the funky tucks

Built in 2004

Features slightly more amenities than a Katrina trailer home with genuine chemical toilets (not paint buckets as on other floats), drink holders, built in ice-chests and bead bins, a bopa-tronic stereo, and folk- dancing cages. The float’s theme was obvious to be Funk as all of our members celebrate the culture of New Orleans Funk and that in the hinterlands. The name, then, was obvious – The Funky Tucks.

Having observed the resurgence of the ‘fro wig as a costume for Mardi Gras spectators in 1997, the Fat Bankers’ decided that it would be an excellent addition to the float’s costume, which for years had been haphazard at best. After some prodding, they concluded that the ‘fro wig would be an excellent identifying feature, regardless of the float or Krewe theme, and add some irreverent uniformity to the production. The ‘fro wig thus became a staple of the Fat Bankers’ Social Aid & Pleasure Club costume between 1997 and 2003. The float theme was, then, obvious—the Funky Tucks. The Fat Bankers’ Social Aid & Pleasure Club decided to celebrate their love of this high cultural form by building a float proclaiming its ascendancy—the Funky Tucks—which first paraded in 2004. The Fat Bankers’ costumes, in turn, obtain their inspiration from the stage costumes of Bootsy Collins. This float, importantly, is the widest and longest single float in all of Mardi Gras, and is built for rider comfort as well as the fun of the Krewe’s Carnival-going faithful.

the funky fox

Built in 2008

Yet, as the Grateful Dead say, “too much is just enough” and so the Fat Bankers’ decided they needed—it was not a mere desire but an imperative—a second float. That float celebrates an aspect of the Fat Bankers’ mode of proclaiming Mardi Gras that has established a loyal and large fan base: the Funky Foxes. And what is the Funk without Foxes … after all God declared that Adam should have the companionship of Eve so why shouldn’t the Funky Tucks have the companionship of the Funky Fox? This new float is a tandem to the original Funky Tucks and makes the float combination among the largest in Mardi Gras. All you need to do is check out the best floats ever video on Youtube!

the love child

Built in 2015

On Valentine’s Day 2015, born was the Love Child to the Funky Tucks and the Funky Fox. The Love Child squeezes in between the Funky Tucks and the Funky Fox making it a triple tandem. The resulting family is 150 feet of funk with two eight feet tongues. Over 140 riders and more beads than any 1,000,000 people could catch at one time come rolling down the street all together with the best pulsating funk music that one could imagine for the riders and all of the fans in front, behind and on the sides of the float. Check out the video below to get a glimpse of The Funky Tucks, The Funky Fox and The Love Child.

the funky uncle

Built in 2018

After building the Love Child, a Duke of Big Daddy’s daughter, a prior Princess in 2008 to the Kingship to the Duke of Frankenstein, commented “what will the next float be named, the Funky Uncle”. The idea was therefore born for a fourth float. Several of the members of the Fat Bankers mused about the fact that there was not a live music act performing from a float during Mardi Gras that delivered studio or festival quality sound to Mardi Gras attendees. Desired to be the first to give the people what they want and, that is, quality funk sound from a float, the Fat Bankers decided to build a float which had a complete sound stage and studio quality production in the vain of old New Orleans funk clubs like Benny’s Bar, Jimmy’s and Tipitina’s. A combination of creative minds from the Fat Bankers, Kern Studios and Damon Bowie, created a float that also is another first, one that does not have a prop in the front. The float is designed with large curved staircases so that the riders can go from the top to the bottom at will during the ride, and the people in the Funk Club and the band are the visual esthetic of the float as opposed to a prop on the front. This float contains an open dance floor, a bar, a space for lots of dancing behind where the throwers are on the bottom as well as large open spaces on the top for dancing and looking down at the band.

A dual purpose of the Funky Uncle in its conception was to bring the float out to fairs and parks to give free funk away during the year when it was not Mardi Gras. This occurred approximately eight times between 2018 and COVID in March of 2020. The Fat Bankers response to COVID in 2020 was to use the Funky Uncle to bring free funk to the people virtually through the creation of the Funky Uncle Live.

As of September of 2021, the Funky Uncle has held over 73 live shows streamed to the universe for free, employed bands and gig workers (when they had little if any other place to work) and provided over $450,000 to approximately 600 musicians and gig workers to keep them surviving during COVID. Click below to see video of the Funky Uncle Float in action!

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