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Welcome to the Fat Bankers! We are a social and charitable organization dedicated to enhancing the Carnival experience promoting the Funk arts, and to relieving the distressed.


FBSAPC is a social and charitable organization dedicated to serving the City of NOLA.

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Ride Tucks

Interested in becoming part of the Funky Tucks Krewe?

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Funky Tucks supports local charitable foundations and non-profits that support the city of New Orlea

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Funky Fun

We spread free funk and promote funk through the parade.

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The Funk Must Be Heard


Mardi Gras each year brings people from every part of New Orleans and the World together on the streets for a celebration of love, equality, humanity and joy. The togetherness of this time is reflected in the Mardi Gras tricolor of purple, green and gold, which represent Justice, Power and Faith. The Fat Bankers work to build on that all year round by bringing music – the Funk – to underserved communities and helping people in New Orleans and throughout the Nation. And we have immense fun doing it!

2020 krewe of tucks parade

Hear It From the Krewe

My many years of being part of the Funky Tucks has enriched my life in many ways.  The friendships established will be cherished for generations as my children and now friends with the offspring of other Fat Bankers.  Our community is unique, rewarding, and a tremendous amount of fun!  Funk On!!

Rob Green

Funky Tucks Member

Funky Tucks brings an undeniable and positively funkifiable spirit to everything they do.  Their energy is contagious and their unique contribution to Mardi Gras cannot be overstated.  Funky Tucks brings it… everywhere they go!


Funky Musician

My many years of being part of the Funky Tucks has enriched my life in many ways.  The greatest ride of my life!

Cristian Duque

Funky Tucks Member

annual Dues

Annual  Dues will be processed one time per year. Receive a $100 discount if you pay at least $750 by May 31, 2024.

monthly Dues

Monthly Payment Amount Dues will be pro-rated based on the number of months between that in which you join and Mardi Gras.


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